Building Smart, Future Ready Organisations

Organisations that learn in a sustained manner and mature faster across their key areas of working through systematic Knowledge Management

Key focus of our services is to help improve business performance, safeguard critical knowledge, facilitate continuous improvement and help organisations become smart in the way they manage themselves.

M365 / Power Platform / SharePoint based services

We focus on enabling intelligent management of knowledge through innovative implementation of M365 solutions to facilitate easy safeguard of critical knowledge, faster learning and maturity building.

SharePoint Services​

Evaluate, Act & Automate your Organisation’s tasks using Power BI, Power Apps & Power Automate. From displaying easy-to-understand visuals to creating custom no-code apps to fully automating your workflows, power platform is aimed at increasing your Organisation’ productivity. With often technology updates, it becomes a hassle to evaluate challenges, innovate new systems, upgrade/migrate to new versions, & most importantly create sustainable governance strategies. With 100+ person years of SharePoint experience we can help you with

  • SharePoint Online Consulting & Maintenance
  • SharePoint On-Prem Consulting & Maintenance
  • SharePoint Governance Strategy
  • SharePoint 2019 Upgrade/ Migration
  • SharePoint Intranet & Site Development
  • SharePoint Modernization
  • End-to-end SharePoint Managed IT Services & Support

SharePoint Maintenance

End to end maintenance of your SharePoint Infrastructure (Online or On-Prem). This includes

  • Manage users, user profile creations, logins, login issues
  • Licenses, license procurement, license strategy
  • Site creation, management
  • Access management, permission controls, version settings
  • Ticket based resolution with SLAs

Power Platform based Process Automation and Visualization

Evaluate, Act & Automate your organisation’s tasks using Power BI, Power Apps & Power Automate. From displaying easy-to-understand visuals to creating custom no-code apps to fully automating your workflows, Power Platform is aimed at increasing your organisation’s productivity. With frequent technology updates, it

Data & Email Migration from Google to Microsoft

If you have decided to entirely migrate from Google or any other workplace ecosystem, we not only support with the end-to-end migration, but also customize the new workplace for your team.

Knowledge Management based services

We practice an approach to knowledge management that focuses on bringing tangible business benefits and help organisations fast track their journey to become a smart future ready organisation.

Assessing maturity of KM program

We assess how mature an organization is in its ability to leverage and apply knowledge and facilitate the journey to become a knowledge driven organisation.

  • Assess maturity in the way knowledge is managed and leveraged
  • Possible business impact that can be achieved
  • Ability to leverage and institutionalise knowledge
  • Maturity based on KM maturity ladder (evolved based on industry standards)

Designing KM Function

The KM function is designed in alignment with specific organisational goals and targets.

  • Align the KM strategy and focus to the organsational goals
  • Design KM interventions to enable the organisation to achieve its goals
  • Have an employee and task oriented approach
  • Suggest technical infrastructure for the same
  • Provide metrics that can be used for tracking

Training and Workshops on Knowledge Management

We provide training programs for knowledge managers and leadership teams to help them better understand and appreciate Knowledge management

  • Training for Knowledge Management practitioners, to better appreciate and align KM to organisational goals
  • Training for middle managers to provide relevant leadership to KM implementation
  • Training, KM awareness sessions for Leadership team

MIKE, KRO Awards Preparation

Prepare organisations for KM related Awards

  • Define the KM interventions and implementation in line with the awards program
  • Help with relevant documentation
  • Work with awards agency and facilitate applying for the same

Accreditation - ISO 30401 KM Standards

Help in getting accredited with ISO 30401 KM standards

  • Identify and engage auditor for certification
  • Prepare relevant documentations required for certification
  • Work with auditing firms for accreditation

Performance Improvement Services

We focus on fast track performance improvement across a few key areas of engagement of organisation. This is done through planned application of KM techniques and leveraging technology.

Knowledge worker productivity enhancement

Productivity of knowledge workers are of paramount importance to our society. This can be achieved through planned leveraging of KM techniques.

  • Productivity hacks
  • Measuring Knowledge worker productivity
  • Defining Productivity framework
  • Systematic leverage of productivity framework

Sales Team Performance improvement

Sales team performance is critical for any organisation. A high performing sales team directly impacts revenue generation and growth of an organisations.

  • Sales function KM Setup.
  • Search enablement for Sales function.
  • Productivity improvement workshops.

Non-linear growth of functions and Organisations

Growth can be fast tracked. Typically growth is scuttled by inefficiency and if that is addressed, growth of organisations can be much faster.

  • Assess scope for non-linear team growth
  • Setup learning systems to facilitate non-linear growth.

Creating Centers of Excellence in Education

Academia sector is a laggard with respect to adoption of modern management practices and technology. Our focus is to close this gap through planned intervention programs.

Accreditation Related Technical Solutions

Through intelligent leverage of technology, bring down the overall effort required for accreditation, with better document management and tracking of work.

  • Fast track journey to get accredited
  • Automate the processes and ensure all the key documents are captured and tagged
  • Dashboards to view where the institute stands with respect to accreditation for different managerial levels
  • Reminders for faculties on the work that they need to do as part of accreditation

Research Capabilities & Incubation Centres

Improve overall research capability of institutes, inculcate capabilities to sustain excellence through process and cultural changes.

  • Setup incubation centers – Processes, policies and culture
  • Complete end to end Incubation center management
  • Idea evaluation, idea incubation and handholding
  • Innovation and IP generation and protection

Competency Framework for Faculty Capability Improvement

Enable faculties to excel and provide quality pedagogy through systematic improvement and learning programs.

  • Inculcate creativity in teaching and research outlook
  • Competency development aligned with career growth
  • Create smart teachers with high student engagement

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